Jonathan Benton

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    My clients are an extension of myself and I take great pride in helping them get the home they want. The character of your agent is very important to your bottom line and you can consider me a Labrador boy scout: loyal, honest and integrity that stretches for a country mile. I'm also very persistent in looking out for clients' best interests and have an eye for detail. My past life as a newspaper journalist has taught me to always ask the right questions and seek the truth.

    Although I enjoy the city I grew up in rural NH on my grandparents farm. That instilled a strong sense of work ethic in me that carries over when I'm working for you.

    I understand how difficult it can be to maneuver a big life choice like the investment of purchasing real estate. I have gained a lot of experience helping people with another big step in their lives as a wedding photographer. I helped plan their special day so everything would be perfect down to where the sun would be shining during their vows. My personal vow is to always hold my client's interests in high regard.

    Jonathan Benton
    Buyer Specialist
    Lajoie Home Team at Keller Williams Realty
    20 Trafalgar Sq. #101
    Nashua, NH 03063
    Phone: 603-883-8400

    Jonathan Benton

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