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    Fast-Track Your Real Estate Career Success

    Would you like to earn 5-10x what the average new agent earns in their first 2 years?

    If you are a new or newly licensed real estate agent, you’re likely trying to figure out where to start. You need a website, database, & leads. You also need to learn how to use tools, like the MLS, your database, all the forms,  how to price a home, show property, and SO much more!

    The big question is how do you learn all this, get business, and close deals BEFORE you run out of reserve funds?!

    The Lajoie Home Team has Immediate openings in our Real Estate Apprentice program that is specifically designed for the newly licensed Realtor. 

    The Real Estate Apprentice Program

    Real estate school teaches you how to pass an exam, not how to do the job. Why? Because you need hands-on experience to start and grow as a Realtor. Much like an electrician or other tradesperson, they enter into an apprenticeship to acquire job experience-something they can’t learn from a textbook. That’s why we designed a real estate Apprentice program to give you classroom and field training on all aspects of being a Realtor.

    Additionally, after graduation from the apprentice program, the agent moves into a mentor program until they have completed 10 transactions. Throughout this entire hands-on learning process, the agent is honing their skills as a professional. There is no program like this in Southern NH.

    Hands-On Training

    The program begins with a 4 month hands-on training program where you will learn all the basic skills needed to perform your duties as a licensed Realtor. The program includes classroom lecture, field training, homework, and mentorship. You will transition from training & homework to real transactions with real clients. Throughout the entire process, you will be working with all the systems & tools necessary to expedite your learning and increase your income potential for years to come.

    Program Prerequisite requirements:

    • Passed NH Real Estate license exam      
    • Valid drivers license
    • Reliable vehicle
    • 4-6 months of cash reserves

    Let’s take a look at what you’ll be doing as an Apprentice in the program

    During the 4 months, you’ll attend lecture-style classroom sessions weekly and learn to use and navigate all the systems and tools required for all real estate agents. You’ll learn scripts, dialogs buyer & seller consultations, property valuation, forms, disclosures, show property, and more.

    Each week you’ll be assigned homework which includes previewing homes, writing offers, preparing CMA’s, script practice, lead generation tasks & tracking your activities.  

    A typical day consists of 4-6 hours making calls, home previews, writing offers, preparing property value reports, and maintaining the contacts in your database.

    Mentor Program

    As you near the end of the 4 month training program, you’ll be transitioning into our mentor program. You’ve finished your initial classroom training and will begin working independently with the help of your mentor. Your mentor will be available for questions, review offers, assist with property valuations, and provide assistance as needed over the next 6-12 months.

    Program Expectations

    Attend training provided by team

    Attend weekly team huddle

    Attend monthly team meeting

    Practice and use scripts & dialogs

    Make in excess of 100 calls per day 50 contacts per week

    Book 5 appointments per month

    Sign 3 new clients per month

    How Our Team Works

    Once you’ve passed your exam, you’ll need to hang your license under a brokerage, such as Keller Williams Gateway Realty. All items noted below are approximations and subject to change without notice. Please also note that all brokerages have their own fee structures and expenses. All items noted below are assuming you join KW Gateway Realty.

    • Immediate expenses: 
      • $250 One-time new application fee (local Board of Realtors)
      • $200 One-time onboarding fee (KW Gateway Realty)
      • $25 One-time fee to join Keller Williams Realty International
    • Recurring expenses:
      • $620 Annual (prorated after Jan) to join local Board of Realtors
        • 1st payment is due upon joining the brokerage along with other expenses noted above.
      • $25 Annual fee to Keller Williams Realty International (pd on Jan invoice)
      • $63 NEREN (MLS) quarterly dues
      • $70 Monthly fee for KW Gateway Realty systems & support
      • $15.37 Supra eKey (used to open electronic lockboxes)
    • Additional optional costs
      • All individual agents are responsible for their own marketing materials, yard signs, sign set up/removal, other items they opt to purchase for their business.
      • 5¢ black and white printing in the office/ 15¢ color printing in the office
      • $8 monthly – Toolkit CMA through KW Gateway Realty

    This is a sales position, 100% commission based, no salary or employee wages of any type. All commission splits noted are prior to any Keller Williams Gateway & Keller Williams International splits & fees.

    • Team: Percentage of Gross Commission Income you earn (before paying KW)
    • Showing Agent: 15 – 20%
    • Transactions while in Apprentice Training Program: 35%
    • Transactions while in Mentor Program: 1st 10 transactions 45%
    • After completing 10 Transactions: 50%

    As you gain experience & skills, you’ll be able to handle more clients which will increase your income. 

    • KW Splits & Fees:
      • KW Gateway Realty Company Dollar split 20% of Gross Commission Income
      • KW Gateway Realty Transaction fee $19 per transaction side
      • KW Gateway Realty monthly invoice: $70 + your personal expenses 
        • Personal expenses: Printing, Copies, Postage, Donations, etc.
      • KW Realty Royalty split 6%

    You are responsible for your own State & Federal Income Taxes.

    It is important that you have 4-6 months of cash reserves available to you when you begin this journey as it takes time to get up and running and start earning income.

    What You Can Expect As A New Realtor

    Did you know that Realtors with 2 or less years of experience have a median Gross Commission Income of $8,900? Now factor in expenses:

    • Brokerage split: 20-50% for a new agent = $1,780 – $4,450
    • Board dues: $620
    • MLS dues: $63 per quarter or $252 annually
    • Taxes at 30%: $1,335 – $2,136 depending on what your split is

    That leaves a new agent with an Adjusted Gross Income of $2,243 – $4,112

    Wait, there’s more. Deduct additional expenses, such as:

    • Auto expenses: Typically $1,400 (for agents < 2 years experience)
    •  Marketing expenses such as door magnets, Facebook ads, buying leads, and more
    • Referral fees: These are the 25%-40% fee paid to a referral company or agent who refers a client to you. This is a percentage of the Gross Commission Income.
    • Other misc expenses like personalized website, business cards, personalized calendars, Just listing / Just sold postcards, other mailings.
    At the end of the year, most agents have either not made money or spent more than they earned. 

    What kind of results do our Apprentice Program graduates get?

    According to the National Association of Realtors:

    • The median Gross Income of Realtors in 2019 was $49,700
    • The median Residential sides for all Realtors in 2019 was 12

    The first agent on our team closed over 20 transactions their 1st year in business with Gross Commission Income of $50,000. In their 2nd year, they closed 38 transactions with a Gross Commission Income of over $90,000. Now in their 6th year on our team, they are grossing over $100,000 annually.

    Another agent came to us with 2 years of experience in the field and had closed a total of 3 transactions during that time. In their first full year on our team, they closed over 20 transactions with a Gross Commission Income of $75,000.

    By the end of their 2nd full year, an agent on our team should be earning Gross Commission Income of 5X – 10X what the average agent with 2 years of experience is making.

    Ask yourself, how long will your cash reserves last if you earn what the typical new agent earns?

    For more information on the Apprentice Program, please fill out this form